Dan Santat completely exceeded our expectations today.  He was funny, kind, and like a big kid.  He first met with our budding artists in the library during third lunch for a "meet and greet."

Dan was very impressed with Sophie's talent.  It was a dream come true for Sophie to get to talk to him!
Dan talked art, rainbow loom bracelets, and Minecraft among other topics with our artistic crew.  He showed his sketch book to the kids. 
Dan was very low-maintenance and graciously ate the cafeteria lunch (even sharing some with a student). 
Dan kept the crowd riveted as he talked of his childhood and what led him to the career he enjoys so much.  His advice to the kids was "find something you love to do in life." 
Writers Anastasia and Thomas interviewed Dan for the Barrington Times Kids' Corner after the assemblies.  
Dan gave us a sneak peek of his upcoming book inspired by the birth of his first child. 
Dan wrapped up his afternoon at HMS on a silly note.  It was so much fun to have him visit! Many thanks to the HMS PTO for making a special event like this happen for the students!

:Donna Marie
10/17/2013 6:41pm

It looks like ALL the kids had a good time, including Dan :D Also looks like there's some budding young artists there, destined for success if they keep working hard :)


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