Students were very excited to see a familiar face as they entered the library this week!  Although Mrs. Barbara Rix, the district technology teacher, retired in June we have the exciting opportunity to collaborate with her this quarter.  

The first item on our "To Do" list is making sure kids learn how to type.  We are using an online program that is very comprehensive.  To begin the lessons we focused on proper hand formation on the home keys.  A fun hint Mrs. Rix taught the children is that their pointer fingers will sit on the F and the J keys which always have a bump to let your fingers know they are in proper formation.  We also focused on correct posture to avoid back and neck fatigue.  Children should be sitting with both legs under the table, with their chair pulled in, and the keyboard close to the edge.  Elbows should be in and thumbs should rest lightly on the space bar.  One of the toughest parts is stretching that pinky finger to reach the enter and 

Each lesson has an introduction movie, practice exercises, a speed drill, and then a report.  The report's first line (average words per minute) gives students immediate feedback on their progress.  This program does not tally errors. 
The link to the site we are currently using is Glencoe. It requires Adobe Shockwave.  Students are encouraged to practice at home as well.  The link to this keyboarding site can be found on our library homepage at 

The goal is that every HMS student will be able to type 11 words per minute with 3 or fewer errors by the end of the school year. 


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