We are excited to celebrate Reading Week at Hampden Meadows School!
Monday: Spotlight on Poetry
Tuesday: Spotlight on Readers' Theater
Wednesday: PD Day; Kids have the day off
Thursday: Spotlight on Nonfiction; Math and Science Night 6-8pm
Friday: Spotlight on Picture Books; Comfy Cozy Reading Day

Some other ways we are celebrating:
  • Every morning there will be a trivia question as well as a science poem read by
    one of our science poetry winners.
  • Each day you can check this website for the 5 daily trivia questions created by our fifth graders.  Simply fill out the form and enter to win a prize(see below)!
  • Different classrooms will be showcasing book trailers they have created on the cafeteria big screen to promote reading recommendations among classrooms.
  • Every classroom in the building has compiled their top 10 "must reads" in honor of Reading Week.  My hope is that the lists give students ideas for their TBR (to be read) lists. 
    It's also a chance for adults to see what is "hot" in your child's literary world.  Finally, it is an opportunity to view the top 10 and purchase a book for your child's classroom library.  If you choose to do this, please contact the teacher and we will put a book plate in the front of the book with your child's name:
    This "must read" book has been donated by (your child's name) in April 2014 for all readers in (your teacher's name) class to enjoy.
    This is now a "legacy book" for your child's classroom library for students to enjoy for years to come.  What a wonderful way to honor your child's learning and reading this school year! 
Mrs. Ginalski's Class
Mrs. Bailey's Class
Mrs. Theroux's Class
Mrs. Waring's Class
Mrs. Mitchell's Class
Mrs. Carroll's Class
Mr. Farley's Class
Mrs. Clegg's Class
Ms. Wilson's Class
Mrs. Burrows's Class
Mrs. Gluek's Class

Mrs. Burke's Class
Mr. Tibbetts's Class
Mr. Cassarino's Class
Mrs. C. Couto's Class
Mrs. T. Couto's Class
Mrs. Cabral's Class
Mrs. Cunningham's Class
Ms. Testa's Class
Ms. Reynolds's Class
Mr. Tedino's Class
Mrs. Hunt's Class

In next week's post I will share some school-wide data and reflections after looking at all the class "must read" lists.  I'll be happy to hear your reflections as well. 

If you are a HMS student who would like to participate in Day 1 Reading Week Trivia compiled by the fifth graders of HMS, please click here.

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