There are 20 RI Children's Book Award nominees.  Voting takes place in February and the award is announced in March.  Any student is allowed to vote if he/she has read at least 3 of the nominees.  Of course, reading all of the nominees is a terrific goal for a reader to set for his/herself.  It's a great way to be aware of some of the best children's literature that has recently been published.  
This week I am posting 5 book trailers.  My hope is that: 
1. watching the book trailers makes students want to read the books and 
2. watching the book trailers gives students ideas about how they could do book recommendations using technology. 
We'll be exploring #2 more during the school year...

All the nominees

The One and Only Ivan 

THe Year of the Book

The Flying Beaver Brothers and the Evil Penguin Plan

Barnum's Bones




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